Tuesday, October 6, 2009

John Schlomer comments

When I talked to Mom about my John Schlomer post she mentioned a few more things. I told her that Grandpa Heagy had told me the story over the phone and I had difficulty understanding him because his voice is so gravely and low and my phone just doesn't pick that up well. She laughed and said part of the problem is that whenever he tells Grandpa Schlomer stories he uses his EXTRA gruff voice because that is exactly how Grandpa Schlomer sounded--this is one of her memories of him from when she was a little girl. I forgot to ask if he still had an accent when she knew him, but now we know what he sounded like!
Mom also sent me some great photos of Grandpa John Schlomer. Here is her commentary:
Hi, One year, Lori, Bev, Ebert, Cleora, & Charlie loaded up in Bev & Ebert's little black VW Bug and went to the coast. One of the places we went to was Coos Bay Oregon to visit Lori's Great Grandpa John Schlomer. Attached are 4 pictures.
Grandma Cleora Heagy is in the black hair. Great Grandpa Schlomer is bald. I guess the woman he is holding hands with is his second wife. You will have to ask Grandpa Heagy about that.
My favorite is the one where Great Grandpa and I are holding hands and standing by the cars.
Enjoy. 0x0x0 Mom

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